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Yamato Online Noodle School is happy to announce a series of free online workshops featuring all aspects of Ramen cuisine and Ramen business: from basic information on what is Ramen, and what kind of Ramen dishes exist, to Ramen noodle and soup theory, to presentation of practical skills of Ramen making, to tips and advice on starting and running a successful Ramen business. 
The workshops will also introduce the content of the Yamato Online Noodle School: what it is going to teach, and how the School may help you reach your Ramen business goals, and much more. Because the workshops are going to be interactive in nature, you can get to ask the instructors your questions directly in real time. The best of all, most of these workshops are going to be free of charge. So, feel free to join the workshops to learn a great deal about Ramen cuisine and businesses.


  • People who want/plan to start up their own Ramen food service business (restaurant etc.).
  • Ramen restaurant/business owners with ambition to grow and scale their business.
  • People interested in Ramen business, but unsure if they should start it themselves
  • Ramen enthusiasts who want to learn more about it.

Workshop start time: 4pm (Japanese time)

What is tonkotsu

(March 4th)

Equipment for your Ramen soup production
(Feb. 18th)

Ingredients for your Ramen soup
(Feb. 10th)

Starting up your Ramen business/restaurant
(Feb. 4th)