Akira Mii

Digital cooking - Workshop

The online semminar will be the 25th of february at 4pm (JST)
Digital cooking method has been a core principle of Yamato Noodle School for many years, and it has helped thousands of graduates to create and cultivate recipes that help them reproduce great bowls of ramen with consistency over and over at their ramen shops.

But what exactly is the digital cooking? Why should we use it? How can we apply this method in our cooking operation? There are many areas not just in production operation but also in management this method brings great benefit to.


  1. What is the digital cooking?
  2. How does this method benefit us?
  3. How can we apply it in our cooking practices?

Because this method is also the core principle of Online Ramen School curriculum, it is essential for us to study and discuss it to have deeper understandings of it. So, we can apply it better to our cooking. 

Let's discuss the digital cooking method and how you can apply it in your kitchen on February 25th at 4pm (JST)


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