Akira Mii

Miso Ramen - Workshop

The online seminar will be March 11th, at 4pm (JST)
Miso is another food item that’s been deeply ingrained in Japanese cuisine for hundreds of years along with soy sauces. And it was natural for miso to become one of three major ramen soup seasonings. The first bowl of miso ramen was said to be served around 70 years ago, and it’s been evolving with many variations invented by different ramen shops. There are many varieties of miso pastes themselves, and there are regional miso pastes made across Japan with different ingredients, salinity levels, and fermentation methods.


1. What types of miso are used in ramen?
2. What are the differences?

3. What are the types of miso ramen that are trending in Japan?

4. What are the major regional miso ramen varieties from cold regions of Japan?
To find out answers to these questions, and discuss how you can start making your own bowls of miso ramen.

We are going to address these questions, and dive into the basics of miso ramen and more on Mar. 11th. at 4PM (JST)


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