Akira Mii

Shoyu Ramen - Workshop

The online seminar will be March 18th, at 4pm (JST)
With the first bowl of ramen ever served in Japan 110 years ago being Shoyu ramen, it may be the oldest type of ramen. Shoyu (soy sauce) has become a household seasoning for many people across the world only recently, but in Japan it has been used for many centuries. Japanese have been making different varieties of soy sauces for so a great number of different variations have been developed across Japan. Soy sauces themselves may be fascinating to discuss, but our focus will be on Shoyu ramen. It may be one of the simplest types of hot noodle soup ramen. And for many people it is the one that pops up in their minds when they imagine ramen. 


Although it may look simple, but really great Shooyu ramen is actually not easy to make. There are many variations of them, and we will explore them in detail. By understanding the basics of Shoyu ramen, you can start crafting your own bowls of Shoyu ramen yourself by watching this workshop. Please join us for the workshop on Shoyu ramen on Mar. 11th.
We are going to dive into the basics of shoyu ramen and more on
Mar. 18th. at 4PM (JST)


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