Akira Mii

Vegan Ramen - Workshop

The online seminar will be March 25th, at 4pm (JST)
Vegan was thought to be far end of what ramen stood for, because it was considered difficult to make good bowls of ramen without using any animal-type ingredients. And not a lot of ramen shops took vegan seriously.
But with increasing popularity and population of veganism, vegan ramen has been on a rise. And as many tried making vegan a part of their repertories, we’ve seen some success. And we made many versions of vegan ramen so far in our real ramen courses.
Over the years of making bowls of ramen for vegetarians, exploring different plant-based ingredients, we found it is quite possible to develop great bowls of vegan ramen with the kind of tasting and flavoring impacts we expect from bowls of ramen. And because production of plant-based ramen does not tend to require long hours of cooking, the production costs of vegan ramen tend to be lower than those of animal-based ramen. Yet as there’s few ramen shops offering good bowls of vegan ramen, it would be an advantage to have some vegan ramen dishes in your offerings.
Please join us for the workshop discussing how we can make great bowls of vegan ramen from 4:00pm (JST) on Mar. 25th


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