Frequently asked questions

If I choose the online courses, which is the best course that fits me?

If you are interested in starting a ramen restaurant business, we recommend that you take the basic complete course.Our instructors consult with you on various aspects of building your ramen restaurant in the course.If you are an existing restaurant and you want to level up your ramen offerings, you can take the soup course that focuses on improving the quality and consistency of your soups.

How long will the estimated completion time be from the study to the actual operation?

It depends on how hard you study, but you should go through all the curriculums in about 5 days (assuming you study a few hours a day). But for the practical parts, you want to actually make bowls of your ramen from scratch.
So making bowls of ramen and their components on your own takes a longer time. It may involve a series of trials and errors. While working on your ramen, you can consult with our instructors until you can start creating great bowls of ramen.

May you send me a quote for the main machines or types of equipment, cause I have to figure out the budget.

Sure. We can help you figure out the ballpark figures of equipment that you may need to operate your ramen restaurant. But we first need to know what menu items and quantities you are going to serve because the types and capacity of equipment are going to be based on the information.

Regarding the online course, are those videos only? Or do they include questions and answers with the real person instructor?

Main curriculums are based on videos. There is a lecture part, which illustrates the main principles in animation videos. And there is a practical part that demonstrates production of components, base stocks, blending, noodles, etc. Then there are quizzes that test you on what you have learned.
The important part is that you make your own ramen following practical sessions. Using the ingredients available in your location, you are going to make your own bowls of ramen. You can consult with our instructors until you can start making great bowls of ramen.

Can the instructor develop a menu with me?

Yes. Of course. That is what we do at our school. Because ramen can be and should be unique and delicious, we help each student create his or her own bowls of ramen and menu.  

Do you have someone to come to my city, to work with us during the opening period to train our chefs?

We do not provide this service from the online course, but if you can afford the fee and expenses, we will consider this service. Please consult with us if you are serious about it.

What kind of Japanese cooking will I experience?

At Yamato Ramen, you will learn to cook the best Ramen in town, including broth, toppings, and much more. We want you to discover the real essence of Ramen and feel the heartbeat of Japan in your kitchen.

Who are the teachers?

With over 20 years of experience in Ramen cooking and teaching, your teacher - Rocky Fujii, will help you grasp the ins and outs of making the most delicious Ramen dishes. When it comes to traditional Japanese Ramen, it's essential to have the right teacher to share the secret to the most delightful dish.

How do I pay?

We ask for online advance payment at the time of registration. We want to be as flexible as possible, so we have created a few payment plans to cater to our students' different needs. 

Can I get a consultation before I decide?

Yes! We can offer one-on-one consultation for those of you who need some more information before they decide to attend the class.