What is miso ramen?

Miso has been such a beloved and one of the most famous food and seasoning that's been around for hundreds of years in Japanese cuisines. The reason Japanese have loved miso may be a lot of benefits it provides and superiority as a food.
There is a good amount of protein in miso, fiber, and potassium. It is said to keep a gut health in a good condition. It is made of soy beans, rice kouji or malt, and salt basically. As the way it is made is similar to that of soy sauce, shoyu and miso are closely related. There are so many types of miso and soy sauces with varying proportions of soy bean content, malt, barley, sodium content. It is just that there are many variations of miso in Japan.
There are many types of miso ramen, and most famous regional miso ramen originate in cold regions. Hokkaido. Miyagi. Yamagata. Niigata. Toyama. Nagano. Each prefecture has its own version of miso ramen with different types of miso paste.
There is a strong image of miso ramen. It is the one from Sapporo city, the largest city in Hokkaido. Pork-bone stock with miso seasoning, yellow curly noodles, corn, bean sprouts, and piece of butter on top.

Miso ramen with spicy flavors

Miso is often associated with spiciness. And the original spicy miso ramen was served by a famous Chinese style restaurant, Ryushanhai in Yamagata prefecture, almost 60 years ago. The name of the regional ramen they serve is called "Akayu", meaning red hot water ramen. What's unique about this ramen is they made a ball of spicy miso paste with Yamagata-red miso, garlic, and other spices as a topping. It is separate placed on the soup surface. When you go to one of their locations (they are still popular in Yamagata), you can adjust the spiciness by melting the hot paste little by little. If you dissolve all of it into the soup, it may be too hot for you. Many ramen shops took this idea and implemented at their shops.
The spiciness and miso have been experimented and popular in Japan. And, there is a famous ramen brand in Tokyo, called "Kikanbo", which means ogre weapon (in Japan, ogre tends to wield a big iron stick). There is also a proverb, "an ogre with his weapon", meaning giving already a strong person an edge. Anyway, this ramen shop is equipped with its weapon, which is specially blended miso, chili, and Japanese chili (or sansho). The chili gives hot and spicy tastes. The Japanese chili brings numbing sensations. If you go eat at their shop, you can choose the level of hotness and numbness. Their stores are very unique with ogre-themed decorations. The brand brings out distinctive images. if you happen to be in Tokyo, it is worth a visit.

Infinite possibilities of miso ramen

Miso ramen can have all the essences of ramen. Very distinctive flavors. Can be intense with a variety of spices, stimulating all of your sensations. This can be very addictive, turning some of your customers into raving fans, luring them back to your ramen shop. There is also a famous dish with miso and sesame, tantan-men. The ramen shop that has won the 2nd Michelin-star actually specialized in serving tantan-men. This type of miso ramen has also been very popular, and using a variety of Chinese seasonings that are similar to Japanese miso, this further expands the possibility of miso ramen. And, there are so many types of miso ramen you can start making on our ramen course. You can start making your own craft miso ramen today in the Complete Basic Course.

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