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Ramen course
This comprehensive course consists of animated lectures explaining different theoretical aspects of Ramen cuisine, and practical videos featuring preparation of different parts of ramen dishes.

Who's the course for?

This course is for anyone who loves Ramen and anyone who wants to make money off this passion as an added bonus.
  • You are a passionate Ramen cook who knows how to cook Ramen but wants to add a little twist to it. You are not afraid of change and know that we can revolutionize the Ramen world with enough imagination and alternative ways of cooking (digital cooking).
  • You are a newbie in the Ramen world but are also a curious and creative mind. You'd like to combine technology and the art of cooking and witness the excellent results from this collab.
  • You are a Ramen aficionado who knows that Ramen is life and wants to add a digital twist to it. Maybe you're eager to start your own business and just need a little push to make the right decision.
  • You want to start a Ramen restaurant business but lack the knowledge and expertise. You love eating Ramen and wish to pass on this feeling to others. When it comes to cooking Ramen, you may need some help.
  • You already have existing ramen restaurant business but want to grow bigger and offer better bowls of ramen with more consistency and train more employees for expansion.

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A proven track-record of Yamato Ramen School guarantees you will start getting results as soon as you study and practice the content of this course. 

What do I get?

・Life time access

Access to the complete curriculum that unlock Yamato Ramen Production Methods that have hundreds of startups and existing restaurants successful.

・Management Textbook (Free)

Hardcopy of “Textbook of achieving success in Ramen, Udon, Soba Restaurants, even in Recession” priced at USD35 will be mailed to your address for free.

・Consultations, advice

Instructors who teach at Yamato Ramen School will help you with your questions and develop your menu, recipe, business, etc.

・Ramen Noodle Book (Free)

Hardcopy of “Ultimate Ramen – Science-Based, Innovative Noodle Making Technologies” priced at USD40 will be mailed to your address for free.

・Ramen Soup Textbook (Free)

Hardcopy of “Nobody wants to tell you how to make Yamato-style Ramen Soup” priced at USD298 will be mailed to your address for free.

You need to take this Ramen class because...

this course is for anyone who loves Ramen and anyone who wants to
make money off this passion as an added bonus.


"I have tremendously expanded my expertise in Ramen cuisine, and acquired a wide repertoire of ideas and techniques I now use in my everyday work at "RA'MEN."


"Instructors taught me not only how to make all ingredients that go into a bowl of Ramen, but how to manage a restaurant as well. Yamato is a unique school."

Make by your own an authentic japanese ramen

Friendly and simple but detailed videos that explains everything you should know to prepare the best Ramen!


You will gain knowledge in digital cooking methods, which help anyone, regardless of experience, create any kind of ramen dishes from scratch.

Flexible training

You will learn all the tips and tricks to making the most delicious Ramen soup without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Expert instructors

You will gain hands-on experience from real professionals - we've helped thousands of students become Ramen masters
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Rocky Fujii

We always try to approach things in a holistic and comprehensive manner, paying special attention to their essence and fundamentals: this Philosophy permeates all our work, allowing us to know the past, understand the present, and have a proper vision of the future of Ramen industry. Throughout our long history we have accumulated a vast amount of experience and expertise on Ramen making and Ramen business which we are pleased and proud to share with our students – now, with students of our Online Ramen School as well. Being at the leading edge of Ramen cuisine practice and research ourselves, we are also open to new approaches, trends and styles constantly emerging in the Ramen world – always striving the keep our curriculum up to date with new recipes, cooking techniques, serving patterns, and Ramen business management know-hows. 


The curriculum is designed to help even those with no experience to learn to be able to make all the necessary parts of ramen from scratch, start a restaurant, design their own menu or even repare their own ramen.

1. Introduction

The Digital Cooking method taught at Yamato Ramen School has been developed and practiced over a long period of time, and allows to master Ramen making quickly, with precision, and an ability to develop one's own original recipes.
Lecture videos: 1 
Text materials: 4
Quiz: 1

2. Essence of Ramen

Ramen was first brought to Japan from China and evolved into many local varieties by incorporating characteristics of different regions. In this part we will learn the it's real essence and how become one of the most popular dishes in the world.
Lecture videos: 4
Quiz: 1

3. Ramen soup

Ramen soup is just a chicken broth? Learn with us what is Ramen soup and the necessary ingredients to make it? 
Lecture videos: 4
Text materials: 2
Quiz: 1

4. Base stock

If you are feeling stuck or need help with something, we have a thriving community of professionals on our discussion forums who are happy to lend a hand. You won't find that anywhere else!
Lecture videos: 6
Practical videos: 10
Text materials: 1
Quiz: 1

5. Motodare

Base sauce is one of the necessary ingredients to transform the Base stock into a real Ramen soup, improving it and make it better. How appears, role and process to make it from scratch. 
Lecture videos: 5
Practical videos: 8
Text materials: 1
Quiz: 1

6. Flavor oil

An indispensable element to make truly delicious Ramen. History, role and how to make different kinds of Flavor oils from scratch for different types of Ramen. 
Lecture videos: 6
Practical videos: 14
Text materials: 1
Quiz: 1

7. Soup blending

We explained the importance of soup blending and how it should be properly done.
Lecture videos: 3
Text materials: 9

8. Toppings

Learn the importance of the toppings, their role in the Ramen and how to make various types from scratch (Charsiu, marinated eggs, etc.).
Lecture videos: 4
Practical videos: 7

9. Noodle making

Learn the fundamentals of noodle making by studiying the ingredients and processes, . You will learn how to make various types of authentic noodles from scratch.
Lecture videos: 8
Practical videos: 3

10. Plating

The importance of the plating, the correct way and tips to become a platting master. Study the Ramen platting trought different videos for your reference. 
Lecture videos: 11
Practical videos: 7

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What kind of Japanese cooking will I experience?

At Yamato Ramen, you will learn to cook the best Ramen in town, including broth, toppings, and much more. We want you to discover the real essence of Ramen and feel the heartbeat of Japan in your kitchen.

Who are the teachers? 

With over 20 years of experience in Ramen cooking and teaching, your teacher - Rocky Fujii, will help you grasp the ins and outs of making the most delicious Ramen dishes. When it comes to traditional Japanese Ramen, it's essential to have the right teacher to share the secret to the most delightful dish.

How do I pay?

We ask for online advance payment at the time of registration. We want to be as flexible as possible, so we have created a few payment plans to cater to our students' different needs. 

Can I get a consultation before I decide?

Yes! We can offer one-on-one consultation for those of you who need some more information before they decide to attend the class.

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Ramen course

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Nothing goes well without putting one’s heart and emotions. But who can teach us how to put our heart into what we create?
— Rocky Fujii