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  • Rocky Fujii

  •  7~10 Hours

  • ~100 Videos

  •  5~ PDF

Course overview
This is a Complete Basic Ramen Course created by Rocky Fujii who is a principal of Yamato Ramen School, and one of the most prominent Ramen masters in the world. This course contains all essential material for Ramen professionals, and consists of 2 main parts: a Lecture part with animated videos explaining principles and other theoretical aspects of Ramen cuisine, and a Practical part consisting of video tutorials with step-by-step instructions on production methods of various parts of Ramen dishes, as well as dish plating techniques.  This course also includes supplementary text materials to help you comprehend each section better, and begin practicing Ramen making on your own. With the content covering all components of Ramen cuisine, you should be able to start crafting your own Ramen noodles and dishes from scratch.
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