Be a master who can create own ramen

Limitless patterns of ramen

Ramen has an infinite number of possibilities as proven by a number of emerging ramen restaurants across the world. There are ramen shops that serve traditional types of ramen dishes like shoyu, shio, miso hot soup ramen as well as tsukemen and mazemen that are relatively newer. There are basic ingredients used in base stocks, such as pork bones, chicken carcasses, seafoods, certain types of vegetables. Base stocks with varying degrees of densities are blended with motodare, which has been combined with different types and layers of many types of flavor oils. These are the components just for soup and sauce alone. Then, there are noodles. Not only the sizes, shapes, and the entire texture  of noodles but also the flavors and colors should match the soup. And the toppings are also important component that affect the overall experiences of a ramen bowl. Considering all these components and variables that affect the experiences you may have tasting a bowl of ramen, it is indeed a complex but interesting formulation that you can engage yourself in creating your own bowl of ramen. 

How can you start making a variety of ramen from scratch?

But if you were to learn and start making your own original ramen, it would not be an ease feat. If you are making bowls of ramen, following complete recipes, it would be easy. But can you create your own from nothing?
There may be several courses on ramen out there, but the problem is they would teach predetermined types of ramen. Meaning only the types of ramen that already exist. These types of ramen dishes have been served by thousands of ramen shops around the world. So, the more they teach, the more competitive the market gets with the same types of ramen. At a certain point, it will hit the limit. How can we get out of this?

Understand the ramen principles

In mastering any skills, having a deep understanding of fundamentals and principles is the key. Ramen is no different in that Yamato Ramen School has taught over 2,100 students based on scientific data, experiments, and knowledge that have been accumulated over time.
What are the fundamental truths that can be applied in different situations to produce the same results over and over?
What are the variables that affect the tastes and flavors of ramen soup?
How can we produce and keep ramen stocks with consistency?
By finding answers to many questions like these, we have developed cooking methods and practices that help you become a ramen master who can create and serve your original ramen from scratch over and over. We at Yamato Ramen School, teach you the very ramen principles that can serve you as the ultimate guide in creating your own original dishes.

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