Jump years of ramen apprenticeship

BEFORE we started our REAL ramen school about 20 years ago, if you wanted to learn and start ramen business, you would have to work at an existing ramen shop in form of apprenticeship or simply a job. You would start from the bottom and do whatever the job you are told to do. You would just be counted as one worker at the ramen shop. They'd never teach you anything except how to do certain tasks. You'd only be able to learn tiny parts of the shop's operation by visually stealing how they do it. It would take you years to learn and master certain parts of what the ramen shop does. It would take you another few years to learn sufficient enough to put together a few bowls of ramen. But it would be limited to the particular ways this ramen shop makes its ramen. It would probably be another few years when you start developing your own ramen.
Or, you could probably pay as much money as USD50,000 to buy a recipe from the ramen shop. But it is just one recipe...

This was the norm of how one would go about learning and starting up his or her own ramen restaurant. And when we started offering our 7-day intensive ramen training, we broke this traditional way of learning. We provided immediate access to the very secrets. Better yet, we provided the cooking methods that allow anyone (regardless of the previous experiences) to develop and reproduce any type(s) of ramen from scratch over and over with consistency.
In fact, this very method helped over 2,100 graduates to create a variety of ramen dishes and serve them at their ramen shops.

We not only provided a way to skip the years of training at ramen shops but also a path that one can take to start developing his or her own original craft ramen from scratch. It is almost equivalent of saying, we teach you how to fish without giving you the fish.

Our ramen course gave birth to hundreds of great ramen shops and helped existing ramen shops to become way better at what they do. 

Now it is easier than ever to develop your ramen skills

NOW this course with over 20 years of experiences teaching over 2,100 students is online. It is easier than ever to learn and develop the real ramen skills and become a ramen master who can apply the knowledge and skills to develop and serve any kind of ramen from scratch.

GET immediate access to ramen secrets

Our ramen courses help you jump years of training you would have to take to become a ramen master and start making your own craft ramen. Literally, it gives you a shortcut to trainings, knowledge, and skills that are worth many years of apprenticeship. Sign up today for FREE or buy the course to start your ramen journey today.