Making vegan ramen from scratch - using locally grown ingredients

Waves of veganism have reached the world of ramen, and we have embraced vegan as a category of ramen. We have been working on a series and different types of vegan ramen and ways to make delicious bowls of ramen without using animal-base ingredients at all. Another key is to create bowls of ramen with the same levels of tasting sensations animal-base ramen would bring out. We want our customers to get excited tasting bowls of vegan ramen. Another point we may want to nail is only to use locally grown ingredients to make our vegan ramen. Because veganism has been created partly because of a desire to reduce global warming, which has been caused by pollution from transportation, moving things across the world. If we succeed in making delicious bowls of ramen, which is as exciting as animal-based ramen, only using local ingredients, we have developed our vegan ramen.
What is vegan? The explains vegan as follows. ".... plant-based diet, avoiding all animal foods (including fish, shellfish, and insects), diary, eggs, and honey, as well as avoiding animal-derived materials, products tested on animals, places that use animals for entertainment." These are the challenges we need to overcome to develop our vegan ramen.

Making all plant-based ramen

Bowls of ramen have traditionally been made with some kinds of animal-based foods. Chicken. Pork. Some seafoods. There has almost been no ramen made without using any types of animal-based ingredients. 
But at our Yamato ramen school, we have been making all kinds of ramen that are completely unconventional. Over the past 20 years, we have proven that it is possible to make ramen using a variety of ingredients. For example, we have made fruits ramen by making based stocks purely out of all fruit ingredients. And the challenges in making these unconventional ramen dishes are to make them great. And something we can definitely call "ramen".
Making great bowls of ramen, only using plant-based ingredients is a challenge, but not that big of a challenge when you've understood what vegan is and many ingredients that are available for use in vegan cuisines.

Some of the vegan friendly ingredients are...

There are a variety of vegetables we can make wonderful ramen base stocks from. Unlike animal bones and meal we use to make base stocks, most vegetables cook fast and generate enough density for ramen. And if they are locally grown, we pass another point of making  our vegan ramen. Some simple vegetables like onions, potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, etc. are excellent candidates for your vegan ramen ingredients.
Legumes, beans, peas, seeds are also great sources that can generate ramen tastes. The most widely available bean, soy beans, of course are ingredients of soy sauce and miso. They would of course be great ingredients for your vegan ramen as well as regular ramen. And sesame seeds paste? This is what adds the unique flavor to the famous tantan-men. And beans are the major sources of emerging plant-based meat, which can top some of your vegan ramen dishes.
These are just a few types of ingredients that you can start using for your vegan ramen,  and there are many other plant-based ingredients that are used to create ramen tastes and flavors.
By taking our course, you can start learning and formulating your own craft vegan ramen with ingredients locally grown in your regions. Start making your vegan ramen today.

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