How to build, grow, and scale your ramen business

For any business to grow and scale, what is crucial is to wow every customer it serves. Then the customer tells his or her friends who may try the product. 
For ramen business or restaurant, this holds true. If you can serve a great bowl of ramen to each customer who comes to your restaurant, you can grow your business because you're turning each customer into a raving fan. With word of mouth, your restaurant grows steadily.
And if you can continue to serve great bowls of ramen consistently, the growth speed accelerates.
Because one customer raves about your ramen to 2 others who become raving fans who bring 4 more. This wow effect compounds over time.
But how can you consistently do this?
Capabilities to serve great bowls of ramen consistently to every customer sounds easy but hard to practice everyday you operate your ramen restaurant. Because we are humans who make mistake with varying conditions. If we rely only on our senses, it is tough to maintain our consistency.
So, how can you serve great but same bowls of ramen every day you operate your restaurant? The key is to control your production by numbers. Every aspect of cooking can be controlled, and every recipe can be constructed with numbers.
For example, what is the ratio of water and ingredients when making thick pork bone base stocks? That's 2:1 ratio. So, we weigh water and pork bones to 2:1 ratio and start cooking. What is the proper cooking time of fresh ramen noodles that are 1.3 x 1.5 mm in size? It is 70 seconds plus or minus 5 to 10 seconds, depending on the preference of your customers. When cooking charsiu (braised pork shoulder or belly used for toppings), the core temperature of the pork meat needs to reach over 90 degrees Celsius to be done. 
All these numbers are there to control quality and maintain consistency. And these are the things you can learn in our online ramen courses and through our digital cooking methods.

Start building your ramen for success

Consistency is required for growth, but your bowl of ramen needs to be delicious. So good that your customers will rave about them to their friends. So, you first build your great bowls of ramen first. Then build a system that is capable of serving it consistently to every customer who comes to your restaurant. How do you do that? 
To build a great bowl of ramen, we have proven methods, experiences, and database of recipes (accumulated over 20 years). But because ramen can be infinitely different and unique (evolving over the past 100 years), you would need to find your own or base your ramen on what some existing ramen restaurants are serving. Otherwise, you would not even be able to start. (You need a certain direction to start) For example, would you like to start a ramen shop that is similar to what Ippudo is offering (delicious but clean bowls of tonkotsu ramen), but you also want to add what Afuri Ramen is famous for (yuzu shio ramen). You need to visualize your ramen restaurant and what you will be serving first. The greater your chance of success is going to be, the clearer your visions are. So, let's think about your ideal ramen offerings first. Once you know what you are going to serve at your restaurant, you are halfway through building your strong ramen business.
Once you know what to serve, you just need to start building them, one recipe by recipe. And Yamato Online Ramen Course offers all the components that you need to start building your bowls. And if you cannot find them in the current curriculums, just ask the instructor to give them to you. The database of over 20 years is likely to have them. 

Grow and scale your ramen

Once you have built your offerings, then you need to create your system. This system allows you to serve your bowls of ramen as efficiently, consistently, and deliciously as possible all the time. For example, all the motodare and flavored oils are preblended to the ratios in your recipes. For example, when serving a particular bowl of ramen, you would just need to make one scoop of tare, 2 scoops of 2 oils and warm 300 grams of base stocks and mix them in the bowl. You don't have to measure anything. Just scoop each item according to the operating manual you have created. Or let your employees do it. You just need to create a fail-proof system that anyone (no matter how shallow their experiences are) can do and serve the same great bowls of ramen every time.
And that is what you learn to create on this Yamato Online Course.
Once you have built your system, you just need to operate with compounding positive effects over time. And your growth is almost automatic. 
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