Ramen recipes based on digital cooking

Digital Cooking is a method of creating solid recipes with precision and numerical values of critical variables. It is what Yamato noodle school invested and has been using as the principle cooking method. Every component of ramen dishes, noodles, soups, toppings, even side dishes is made with an unique recipe that allows anyone to reproduce it.
Each ingredient quantity (measured in weight - e.g. grams), cooking time and temperature,  etc. are all specified in detail in each recipe for each building block of a bowl of ramen, for example this bowl of shoyu ramen. The soup consists of chicken light stock: 150g, fish stock: 150g, heated dark soy sauce: 6g, and blended vinegar of 2g. And each of these components has its own detailed recipe, specifying ingredients, quantity, ratios, cooking temperature, and time. Each type of ramen noodles also carries a unique recipe, which specifies ingredients (protein content, ash content, amylose value), hydration, mixing time duration, noodle size, etc. One bowl of particular ramen type has a tree of recipes that are put together to create this bowl of ramen.

Digital Cooking calculates ramen production yields

These recipes are very important and essences of digital cooking in that anyone can reproduce the same dishes over and over, following these recipes. Also they tell us how much of which ingredients are needed to produce X servings of a particular ramen. For example, to produce and serve 300 servings of this shoyu ramen, you would need 45kg of the chicken light stock, 45kg of the fish stock, 1800 grams of the soy sauce motodare, 600 grams of the blended vinegar. These numbers are then translated into the quantities needed for each of the raw materials. 
Because we also know from extensive research and actual production of variety of ramen soups, we know for example, the yield % of certain types of base stocks. So, we can make rough estimation of how much pork backbones we need to make 100kg  of tonkotsu base stocks, for example. All the data we have accumulated over the past 20 years of conducting real ramen school (conducted every month or 12 courses a year, and we have extensive records of what we made in every class) can give us precision in our ramen cooking.
It makes it easier for us to calculate production costs of all the ramen components and cost per serving.

How Digital Cooking helps you make your ramen

So, how would Digital Cooking Method help you build your ramen business?
Reproducibility: Recipes developed with Digital Cooking are like precise blueprints of a well-structured building. When multiple people or even hundreds of people work in constructing the building, with the blueprints, the final product is solid. The recipe of each component that make up a bowl of ramen works like this blueprint, allowing anyone to reproduce the same product over and over.
Training becomes easy: To run a ramen restaurant or business, you need other people. If your training manual does not contain precise numbers, such as ones used in the Digital Cooking recipes, it would take a long time to train your staff. And even with training, there may often be mistakes because the manual or recipes are not clear enough. Training manuals and recipes developed with Digital Cooking method are clear and simple enough for anyone to follow and execute without making mistakes.
Easy to modify and adjust: Recipes created with Digital Cooking follow certain cooking principles that leave little room for failure when following them in cooking. In other words, making bowls of ramen with these recipes, you'd be able to make great bowls of ramen that have been tasted to be delicious through many experimentations. Starting from these recipes to modify them to create your own, it is easy to do so. Recipe (for one serving of ramen) consists of each component with quantity that's specified to one tenth one gram. This precision allows us to make adjustments easy. With recipes created with Digital Cooking, you are at a great starting point where you are already close to creating your own great craft ramen.
Our Online Ramen Course helps you start using the Digital Cooking method right away to start building your first bowl of delicious ramen.

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