How to choose your customers

Choosing your customers determines success or failure of your ramen business

We should all know that not everyone is going to be our customers. Because we are all different, what we are offering may not be liked by certain people. And it wouldn't be the end of the world or failure of our business. There are millions of other people who may be our potential customers. So, we need to find whom we want to serve. And really get to know and understand them. And focus our resources on their needs. This is crucial for our business. Actually any business. 
When it comes to starting and building your ramen business, it is the same and proven by hundreds of ramen restaurants. Some ramen shops go out of business because they failed to serve their customers or they started without really thinking about their customers or even without deciding whom to serve. Starting any business without knowing whom to serve is really like running at full speed in darkness with no sense of direction. It is scary and very risky.

What we decide drives out some customers and attracts others

There are critical elements we need to decide for our ramen businesses. And these elements attracts certain types of customers and drives out other groups of customers. Because they are important to certain customers, by deciding them, we are choosing the kinds of people we want our customers to be. We need to be careful when deciding these elements because customers ultimately shape the world. Our ramen restaurants or business would be the same. Our customers end up shaping how we operate our businesses.

What would our customers care about?


Everyone wants to eat something tasty, but should it be something ordinary? Would customers like something healthy? It really depends on what your customers want.


Physical store, interior, exterior, comfort level, atmosphere, and the overall image the store conveys to the customers matters. This includes the name, location, floor plan, etc.


What is the expectation of your customers when it comes to service level of your ramen restaurant? Would they expect a fine-dining level? Would they like friendly interaction rather than formal? You would need people who can carry out such service performance.


Convenience is another variable that affects whether your customers choose your business or not. Especially after COVID, the takeaway/delivery business has been essential part of ramen restaurant. Your business may have no choice but to offer them. 
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There is one more thing that your customers care about

It is the price. Is your business going to be high-value product like Starbucks? Charging twice as much as its counterparts? But also with those 4 elements stronger. There is a concept, WTP (Willingness-To-Pay). The cost may be high, but we can command a higher price because the value perceived by your customers is high enough that they are willing to pay the price. 
We want to be in the position to command higher prices than our competitors. So, we can keep offering and developing unique and better products and innovating.
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Choose your customers carefully

Deciding on these five elements is critical as it will literally shape your business. It is a natural selection. If you were the customer, you would choose where to eat, based on these elements. So put yourself in the shoes of whom you want to serve, then seriously think about and decide on these elements like your business depends on it.

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