This e-book is designed for those who are embarking on their culinary journey for the very first time. Delve into the enchanting world of Hakata Ramen, where every slurp tells a tale of tradition, flavor, and culinary finesse. This premium PDF is your passport to understand the secrets of this iconic Japanese dish.
This e-book contains valuable insights into crafting authentic Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen. If you're keen on mastering the art of making or refining your own, we invite you to explore our 'Complete Basic Ramen Course'.
  • Rocky Fujii

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What's included?

Base Stock course

Course overview
Ramen soup consists of three main components: 
Base stock, Motodare and Flavor oils

Base stock comprises the largest part of Ramen soup by volume, and is usually made from a particular animal or plant-based source by dissolving its taste and nutrients in water through boiling. The Base stock Course presents the results of decades of experimentation and practice accumulated in Ramen industry in a concise and easy to understand manner using lectures and practical videos to explain various aspects of Base stock making and processing.

Rocky Fujii

We always try to approach things in a holistic and comprehensive manner, paying special attention to their essence and fundamentals: this Philosophy permeates all our work, allowing us to know the past, understand the present, and have a proper vision of the future of Ramen industry. Throughout our long history we have accumulated a vast amount of experience and expertise on Ramen making and Ramen business which we are pleased and proud to share with our students – now, with students of our Online Ramen School as well. Being at the leading edge of Ramen cuisine practice and research ourselves, we are also open to new approaches, trends and styles constantly emerging in the Ramen world – always striving the keep our curriculum up to date with new recipes, cooking techniques, serving patterns, and Ramen business management know-hows.