Akira Mii

Equipment for ramen soup production - Workshop

The online semminar will be the 18th of february at 4pm (JST)
To optimize our business and operation, we all need some equipment. Ramen business, especially ramen soup production, which could be very labor-intensive and time-consuming would require certain types of equipment.

Over the past 20 years, we have conducted real ramen schools where we cook at least more than 10 different base stocks, some of which require long hours of cooking and high-powered heating equipment.


  1. What are the essential equipment for production of ramen soup?
  2. How can we optimize our ramen soup production with tools available?
  3. Tips on effective ramen soup production – Yamato School way
Having cooked tons of base stocks and ramen soups, we made lots of mistakes that helped us learn and select good equipment from bad ones. What equipment to use to optimize our ramen soup production, which can be very wasteful as well.
Clearly equipment play a critical role in making ramen soup production efficient. 

Let's discuss this knowledge of choosing the right equipment on February 18th at 4pm (JST)


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