Akira Mii

Ingredients for your Ramen soup - Workshop

The online semminar will be the 10th of february at 4pm (JST)
There is one critical key in making great ramen soup. The simplest answer is ingredients. Well, you may say it is a common sense, but because of its importance, it’s worth repeating it. Ingredients are important in making great ramen soup. But what kinds of ingredients are good for ramen soup? What’s important when picking the ingredients for your ramen soup?


1. What should we look for in the ingredients used for our ramen soup?
2. What are the tips in picking good ingredients to make good ramen soup?
3. What’s important in finding ingredients suitable for motodare and flavor oils?
Well, a ramen soup can be broken into 3 parts, base stocks, motodare, and flavored oils. What are the ingredients used for each of them? When specifying the qualities of ingredients we want to our ingredient vendors, what should we tell them?
Let's talk about this such important topic on February 10th at 4pm (JST)


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