Creating your craft ramen from scratch


Your ramen need to be unique to succeed

The ramen industry has been and will be very competitive markets at least in Japan. Especially if you were to operate a ramen shop in some big city like Tokyo, your chance of success would be slim if you just copy some existing ramen shop. Either you would have to start offering something totally different or transcend the conventional ramen in taste, quality, and depth. In other words, your ramen needs to be unique to stay competitive.

But, how do you develop your own craft ramen from scratch?

Start by finding your own ramen niche

We have been conducting real ramen schools in Japan for almost 20 years, having taught over 2,200 students on individual basis.
Because the world of ramen is vast and evolving in variety and depth, each student has his or her own version of ideal bowls of ramen.
Our ramen schools help them create their own ideal original ramen from scratch. It is possible for our ramen schools to help develop any types of ramen because we have the solid principles of ramen production. Each student we helped cultivated and strengthened our methods and knowledge in ramen.

Our ramen courses evolved as the ramen cuisine itself has evolved in Japan as well as around the world. We welcome you to the fascinating world of ramen and admire you for taking your first step.

The 1st step you need to take is to decide on the direction of your ramen. Because the world of ramen is like a universe that's constantly expanding. There are so many patterns of soups, noodles, and toppings. Different categories of ramen, such as hot soup noodles, tsukemen (dipping noodles), mazemen (soup-less ramen), etc. Literally, we can create an infinite number of ramen types.
So attending our ramen school without having clear ideas for what kind of ramen you want to learn to make is like start sailing in a vast ocean without a compass or any sort of navigation systems. So, we recommend that you take time and think about what ramen you really want to make.
And if you don't really have any idea for what kind of ramen you want to make? Then, Think about your ideal customers. What type(s) of people would you like to serve your ramen to? Are they college students because your location is near a college? Are they female office workers who want to grab something healthy and quick to eat for lunch? Are they families with small kids?
Thinking about your ideal customers may force you to decide on the kinds of ramen they'd love to have on a daily basis. 
Either way, the first step of starting your ramen journey is to think about and decide on the type(s) of ramen you'd like to serve at your restaurant.

Start searching your neighborhood for good stuff

The 1st ever ramen shop started in Tokyo in 1910. And this small ramen shop started the evolution of ramen. 112 years later, now Japanese ramen is a global cuisine. What many people don't know is that there are so many so-called, "regional ramen" across Japan. These regional ramen dishes are actually standard bowls of ramen for the local customers. To these people, they are what ramen are in their minds. These regional ramen use local ingredients that may be unique in those regions. These ramen are designed for the local customers' tastes and palates. Because of the climate of a particular region, the sodium level of the regional ramen soup is higher than the ramen in the other region where the climate is warmer. There are factors and reasons these regional ramens are still loved by many as of today. 

And, it is very possible for you to create your own regional ramen in your area. To do that, you need to start studying the unique resources available in your region. Ingredients that may be great for your noodles or soup. Water that contains certain types of minerals that benefit soup production. Or a good population of customers who have traveled Japan and loved eating ramen. Doing some research beforehand gives you a good idea for what kind of ramen you should be making and serving.

We suggest that if you are starting up a ramen restaurant or some business with ramen, why not start making the kinds of ramen your customers would love and keep loving for a long time.

Let's dive into the universe of RAMEN

Every ramen shop is different, and it should be. Uniqueness is a weapon that allows you to stay competitive and thrive in your ramen business. In this course we provide all the resources necessary for you to start exploring and crafting your own ramen. Please join us, let's start crafting your superb bowls of ramen together!